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  Once thought extinct, the Lima Orchid re-appears after half a century
The Lima Orchid (Chloraea undulata) was considered extinct for more than half a century. The flower was recently rediscovered however, thriving in the hills of Asia in Cañete, according to El Comercio. The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, in collaboration with the National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR), presented the Flora Guide of Lomas de Lima, where in readers can find the rediscovery of the Lima orchid. The species was found in the coastal region of Peru in the province of Cañete, settled in the hills of Asia. This is a surprise as for more than a century it was considered extinct, and was originally described to Cerro San Cristobal. The studies that went into building the guide aimed to promote Earth Day and environmental awareness for the preservation of habitats, Fabiola Munoz, Executive Director of Serfor told El Comercio. The floral guide contains a detailed description with maps and photos of the 134 species of plants and wildflowers that were recorded in the coastal hills of Lima. 20% of those species are unique to this area, according to Perú21. Hillary Ojeda