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  Responsible tourism

PeruEtico believes that tourism can be a tool for reciprocal learning and cultural enrichment, between visitors and local populations. Traveling with us means having the possibility to customize your experience with visits to eco-sustainable projects, rural communities, local families, cooperatives and social projects. Always in a respectful manner like true travelers. From its birth, PeruEtico has operated under the fundamental values of responsible tourism, just as described and listed in the 1995 Lanzarote document. We do a careful selection of our partners, based on their compliance of the principles of responsible tourism and respect for their surroundings.

Our trips are based on the following principles: facilitate the encounter between the foreign traveler and the local population; an authentic experience of the visited country; appreciation for cultural differences and popular local tales; respect for the surroundings and priority given to eco sustainable projects; local guides and expert cultural facilitators; family-owned accommodations that are comfortable and cozy.


Through our itineraries it is possible to visit diverse local projects, subdivided in three areas: social and educational, accommodation and eco sustainable, and families and local communities.

Social projects

Since 2005, PeruEtico offers responsible tourism trips in Peru. This starts with visits to family homes and social projects in a simple and casual way. Through enjoying lunch together with the director or responsible person of the project, the locals and the travelers share a space to get to know each other. We also include in our programming some tourism projects that serve as financing for social projects such as Apronia in the Amazon.

Eco sustainable projects

As we all are already aware, it is essential to respect our surroundings, especially during a trip. Reducing the environmental impact of our tours has always been at the core of PeruEtico’s tour designs. We select local collaborators that aim for the development of renewable energy, solar panels, waste management, water savings, use of public transportation and bicycles.

Families and local communities

Since its first days, PeruEtico is devoted to community tourism, the discovery of fair trade producers, and artisan families who welcome us under their roofs and show us their production processes and share meals with visitors. One of the most authentic moments you can have during the trip is hearing them share their experiences and life stories. Facilitating your experiences in these realities is part of our work, thanks to our presence in the Andes for many years.