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The most rewarding page for us is your opinions, your impressions, your images, and your emotions, your criticisms.

Because there is always more to learn in life, because it is great to be able to share the experience par excellence, a great journey!

Fra e Matte
Fra e Matte 08/2014
Hello, we write to let you know that we arrived home safe and sound, hahaha. We’d like t...
Devecchi Caterina
Devecchi Caterina 05/2011
Hello Emanuele and hello to all! Maurizio and I have so much to tell you, our trip has bee...
Donatella & Nicola
Donatella & Nicola 08/2011
Hello, we are back home, but the memories of our trip are always present in our conversati...
Francesco & Marianna
Francesco & Marianna 08/2011
Hi, this is Francesco and Marianna. It’s been tough coming back and not speaking with yo...
Domenica Tancredi
Domenica Tancredi 10/2011
Hi guys, this is Domenico and Antonella. We’ve been back for 10 days already and just no...
Luigi & Benedetta
Luigi & Benedetta 07/2011
Hi guys, how are you? We are back in Italy from our honeymoon in July, and we wanted to th...
Marco Rutilli
Marco Rutilli 11/2016
One of the best trips of our lives, each detail impeccably organized, leaving room for us ...
Milanesi Paride
Milanesi Paride 06/2016
Hi Emanuele, We are back in Italy and I wanted to thank you for everything. The trip was v...
Antonella & Giuseppe
Antonella & Giuseppe 07/2016
Hello Emanuele, We write to thank you… the trip was organized impeccably! Gianni was pun...
Maria Vittoria
Maria Vittoria 08/2016
Hi Emanuele, I got back to Rome a few days ago. I wanted to share with you about my trip t...
Fabio & Elvia
Fabio & Elvia 08/2016
Hi PeruEtico guys, From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making us live an unforget...
Sara & Gabriele
Sara & Gabriele 09/2016
We have liked so many things: the local guides, the Maras Salt Mines, the route through Cu...
Amedeo Vernacchio
Amedeo Vernacchio 09/2016
Hello Dear Emanuele and PeruEtico Staff: THANK YOU! I got back to Italy on Sunday night. E...
Giacomo Ghija
Giacomo Ghija 09/2016
Hello from Rome!! I’m back from this fantastic trip that you organized for me, in a trul...
Simone & Valentina
Simone & Valentina 07/2016
Hi guys, we wanted to thank you for the trip… we loved it. I have to admit that rating y...
Ester & Mattia
Ester & Mattia 12/2016
We both awaited this trip for years. The idea was born out of a promise when we were child...
Tommaso & Maria Luis
Tommaso & Maria Luis 10/2016
The planning was fantastic, for once during a trip we didn’t need to think about anythin...
Dario & Maria Grazia
Dario & Maria Grazia 07/2015
The planning of the trip was almost perfect, with the exception of some imperfections in t...
Erminia & Cristiano
Erminia & Cristiano 06/2015
Hello! We are completely satisfied with everything; excellent planning and excellent solut...
Matteo e Alessandra
Matteo e Alessandra 06/2015
After a month back in Italy… what to say? An incredible experience, from the human, cult...
Luisa & Gianpaolo
Luisa & Gianpaolo 06/2014
The trip has been an exciting adventure, Peru has entered our hearts through its festive a...
Kamilla & Antonio
Kamilla & Antonio 09/2017
Debora & Giacomo
Debora & Giacomo 08/2017

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